Green News

Our commitment and investment to green eco standards in Zambia was recently rewarded at the highest level when we won the coveted prize of Most Eco Friendly Hotel 2016 at the Zambian Hospitality Awards. We would like to thank our investors as well as our incredible staff who are all a part of this wonderful acknowledgment of a legendary project.

Both the eLandy and eBoat continue to perform beyond expectation. They have been fully operational for 8 months and we have gone out of our way to push their boundaries with astounding results. Both go further than expected and seem to have an endless supply of power.

The eLandy travels for a staggering 110km on a single charge and can reach speeds of over 100km/h!
The legendary off road performance of the Land Rover is still at its best despite the conversion. We have had ample opportunity to put it to the test during the wet and muddy summer months this season.

The eBoat is travelling for 8 hours on a sunny day at safari speed while only drawing 20% of its total available power.

For more information please visit for details on the eLandy and for details on the eBoat.

Equally impressive is the state of the art solar system that allows us to be completely off grid. It is performing flawlessly even under maximum loads.