Electric Landrover takes eco-safaris to the next level

Green Safaris are proud to present the eLandy, a fully electric Land Rover to be used as a safari vehicle for game drives. This vehicle has complete off-road capabilities and is charged using solar-energy. The eLandy doesn't have a noisy diesel engine and enables guests to experience the African bush in a silent and more natural way.

The eLandy was developed by the Dutch technology firm Emke Engineering, together with Green Safaris, a subsidiary of the Dutch venture capitalist eVentures. This fully electric vehicle makes for silent and emission free game drives. The creators of the eLandy expect that the solar charged Land Rover will add a whole new dimension to the safari experience. Instead of the roaring diesel engine, the sounds of the bush will take center stage. The expectation is that safaris will be more productive; game viewing will improve and our guests will be able to get closer to the wildlife without disturbing it.

The eLandy has been tested severely and under extreme conditions. It has full off-road capabilities, a range of 56 miles (90 km), a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h) and carries up to 9 passengers.

Guido Broek, marketing director of WWF Netherlands, shares Green Safaris' opinion that the eLandy is a fantastic example of how technological innovation and eco-tourism can go hand in hand and has been clear that WWF supports these kind of initiatives.

The new Green Safaris venture - Ila Safari Lodge - in Kafue National Park, Zambia will be the first to use the eLandy for the 2016 safari season. Besides the eLandy, this brand new lodge will make use of a range of eco-technologies and will take the concept of eco-safaris to a whole new level.