Wildlife and Research

WILDLIFE: Sightings have been exceptional through the 2016 season and who knew the green season would bring about some of the best ones yet. There has been the major increase in predator sightings in the Ila/Hook Bridge area, most notably of wild dog. Through a highly successful collaboration between local stakeholders and researchers, we have been able to maximize our sightings and keep a careful record of each animal. Our next newsletter will feature the results of this collaboration.

RESEARCH: We are proud to support the The Zambian Carnivore programme and Panthera whose team members tirelessly dedicate their lives to studying and protecting carnivores in the Kafue. Through ingenious identification methods they are able to create a database of carnivores and track their movements through collaborations with lodges and law enforcement agencies as well as using tracking devices.

We are asking past guests to kindly post their images on our page @Green Safaris - Ila Safari Lodge or simply email them to us on to further assist this wonderful initiative. Conservation is key in maintaining the true wilderness of the Kafue National Park!

The Zambian Carnivore Project kindly provide our guides with cameras donated and bought through their own efforts and we would like to support them as much as we can by asking everyone on our newsletter mailing list to please consider donating any cameras that you no longer use so they can be distributed amongst the guides in the Kafue allowing them to continue to capture images for the researcher databases. You can contact them directly:

Dr Kim Young-Overton - Director Panthera -
Caz Sanguinetti - Kafue Site Manager ZCP -