Green Credentials


Green Safaris are a large provider of employment for the local communities surrounding our operation. Our recruitment policy is to employ as locally as possible.

At Green Safaris we invest in our people and provide a wide range of training from the interactive and highly recognized Lobster Ink hopspitality trainingsystem, through official First Aid training and down to specialist on site workshops and on the job training. We also run regular health and HIV awareness programs.

A fine example of our community focused endeavors is the community farm initiative which we are currently setting up. The basis of this development is that all employees on the farm will hail from the local community and be trained on site regarding best practice cultivation methods for various fruits and vegetables. After the initial investment the farm will operate as a business with it's employees sharing in the profits. It is our hope that other lodges in the area will use the farm to procure their required local produce and also support this project.

At Ila Safari Lodge the building team who spent six months on site during the construction all heralded from local surrounding towns and villages. A small number of skilled carpenters were contracted from the capital, Lusaka, but this team aside we endeavored to train our local workforce with the required skills to complete the project.

In turn this means that amongst those who left us at the end of the project many took with them newfound and practiced skills that will only serve them well inthe future. Numerous members of the construction team also stayed on to form the permanent staff contingent.