Green Credentials


Green Safaris is at the forefront of sustainable technology development, focussed at reducing the footprint of tourism whilst delivering experiences of a lifetime.

Below you can read about some of the cutting edge technology we use:

Electronic Landrover (eLandy)
Green Safaris are the proud owners of Zambia’s first eLandy! We run this vehicle alongside our other game drive vehicles and plan to expand our fleet in the coming years.

Developed by a team of Dutch engineers, our eLandy is the most eco-friendly way to experience the bush. A true revolution in the safari industry.

As the name implies the eLandy is powered by electricity. This electricity required to charge the battery comes from solar panels installed on site and we simply ‘plug’ the vehicle in to charge. The advantage of the eLandy it does not generate any emissions or noise pollution – in fact it is next to noiseless giving guests a ‘silent safari’. These vehicles offer a unique comfortable driving experience different to regular game drive vehicles where most of nature’s sound experiences are cancelled out by the noise caused by the vehicles. This in turn leads to improved sightings and the vehicle being able to approach animals with minimal disturbance.

Electronic Boat (eBoat)
Developed by a South African company called Freedom Won and built by Aliboats, our eBoat is the first of its kind in Zambia. Silent, peaceful and eco-friendly, this boat very much like the eLandy on land, marks the beginning of a new era in boating safaris in Zambia.

Solar Power
Our premise at Green Safaris is to implement solar electrical and water systems that can provide for all of our anticipated needs – without the use of gas heating or diesel power generation. To that end we carefully forecast a camp’s electrical demand so to install photovoltaic panels and batteries capable of providing 120% of that need. For hot water in our kitchens and guest units we use solar geysers.

Harnessing the power of human waste – all bush camps treat their human waste water in some way. The more advanced have a sewage treatment plant to ensure waste water going back into the environment has been "cleaned". At Green Safaris we go one step further than this, not only do we run a sewage treatment plant, but that plant allows us to capture the gas produced during the aerobic breakdown of the solid matter. This gas we can then use to generate power to charge our electric land rover.