Victoria Falls

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world and needs little introduction! However what is good to know is the high and low water periods of the falls and what to expect depending on what time of your you choose to visit.

In March and April the falls are at the height of their flow. The huge amount of spray is visible from miles around and a walk down to the falls will give you a full drenching. The noise produced and the sheer volume of water cascading over the falls is just incredible at this time of year. However with the spray it can be difficult if not impossible to view the falls from the ground and this is the best time of year to jump on a heli flip - the so called Flight of the Angels’ and view them from above.

Water levels from here on out gradually reduce until November/early December when we the falls are at their lowest flow level. The full curtain of water is now broken up into different chutes and you can see the geology of the falls wall. This is an ideal time of year to test your nerve and visit Devil’s pool right on the edge of the falls or indeed try your hand at white water rafting.

No matter the season the falls are impressive. Livingstone is the adventure tourism capital of Zambia and there are all manner of adrenaline inducing activities available such as bungee jumping, microlighting, zip lining...etc. There are also elephant back safaris and boat cruises above the falls for those who don’t fancy anything too taxing!