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Zambia, often referred to as the 'the warm heart of Africa', and its citizens are renowned for their friendliness and ever present wide smiles. This vibrant melting pot of a country is made up of no less than 72 different tribes and ethnic groups each with their own dialect and set of customs. This gives Zambia a varied and rich cultural background. With it's national and widely spoken language being English, the welcoming spirit of it's people and it's reputation for abundant game in true wilderness Zambia should be on everyone's bucket list. To add to this Zambia has been recognized as one of the safest countries to visit in Africa.


Zambia has 2 distinct seasons. Most of the country lies over 1000ms above sea level and the climate is temperate meaning you can visit year round. The dry season runs from May to October and coincides with peak safari season. Game viewing during this period is at its best with wildlife being drawn to remainingwater sources. As the season advances the bush becomes less and less dense further facilitating easier wildlife viewing. The months of June and July are comparatively cold to the rest of the year and then the temperatures gradually rises peaking in what can be a scorching October.

The wetter emerald season generally starts in November and runs through to April. As soon as the rains break the dust settles and the bush almost instantly becomes green and lush. New shoots sprout everywhere creating a rich green carpet. Even the animals feel the spirit of summer and seem extra energetic, especially the young that are mostly born as the rains start! Game might be a little harder to spot, but 'fifty shades of green', stunning bright light interspersed with brooding skies and the vibrant beauty of the wilderness still guarantees a unique and highly rewarding experience. For birders this is the season to visit as migratory species make their way through. The rains generally consist of short, sharp downpours often accompanied by thunder and lightning that once past bring welcome cooler temperatures.