Safe With Us

We make sure that you, our guest, continues to have an incredible safari experience, knowing that we prioritise the health, safety and comfort of you, our team and communities.

Our Covid Safety Protocols ensure adherence across our operations to the latest information from the World Health Organisation and our local government authorities.

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have when considering a safari with us.

Green Safaris

Standard Health &
Safety Protocols

Before Your Stay

Guests are booked and checked in prior to arrival at a Green Safaris property in order to avoid crowding at any given time.

Our Reservations Teams process guest Travel Declaration forms digitally.

A register is kept at each property with the necessary details of each guest to assist with investigations should a Covid-19 case be traced back to the establishment.

Guests are advised in advance to bring their own protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves. Our properties will keep spare in case of exceptional circumstances.

All main areas and guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before guests arrive. Rooms with same day check-in will be required to leave rooms earlier in order to allow for thorough cleaning. Our teams require eight hours to do this extensive cleaning and sanitizing.

During Your Stay

Each property has a screening station on entrance that guests are required to visit before entering the building. We encourage guests to disinfect shoes, luggage and any other relevant items.

We use no-touch check-in and payment services.

All Green Safaris properties have clear Covid-19 safety signage on display to guide and remind our guests to be safe at all times.

Physical distancing of one metre is practiced in all main areas and on safari activities.

Wearing required protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, and screening temperatures are mandatory for all our staff in order to keep them and our guests safe.

In all main areas and guest rooms, we provide sanitisers, spray disinfectants, and disposable paper towels. Common areas have constant cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and night.

All Covid-19 related waste is separated from other waste and disposed of safely.

Each property has a database of all official Covid-19 contact centres. We have in place on-call arrangements with medical facility personnel.

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Staff Covid testing Bath

Positive Case
Action Plan

In the event that a staff member or guest has a temperature above 38°C (100.4°F) and/or tests positive for Covid-19:

1. They will be immediately taken to an isolation area that is completely separated from others.

2. Symptomatic guests will all be assessed.

3. The sick person will be required to wear a medical mask, and practice all respiratory and other hygiene protocols.

4. The relevant medical facility personnel and health authorities will be contacted immediately.

5. Property Management will provide transport of the sick person to the designated private health care facility

6. All staff in attendance will wear added protective equipment as appropriate.

7. Property Management will implement added stringent cleaning of the sick person’s room and all other areas where they have been.

8. Full assistance will be given to medical facility personnel and health authorities in their tracing efforts.

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Each property has a dedicated Covid-19 Team Leader who is well-trained and equipped to ensure the necessary health and safety protocols are practiced. Additional training is undertaken by them and the team when necessary.

All our properties have in place well-defined cleaning and disinfection procedures for members of staff to follow. Our teams are trained in health, safety and security protocols plus safe service delivery.

We continuously monitor the health and well-being of our team members and their family members. Staff members are required to regularly take Covid-19.

Staff members showing Covid-19 symptoms do not report for work and are closely monitored by health care facilities and their well-trained staff. They are compensated to stay home when not feeling well.

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Cuisine Lunch Drinks


Dining areas have been modified to ensure an uncompromised dining service with minimal contact and strict adherence to safety and hygiene requirements.

We have regulated the number of guests at dining areas during any given time to avoid overcrowding.

Mealtimes are staggered and the seating plan allows for a two-metre distance between tables.

Where possible, the use of direct contact menus is minimised, and the menu is provided on a large display.

Private, in-room dining is made possible on request by guests.

Adapted catering solutions have been designed and customised per property, such as buffet options replaced by breakfast boxes and served meals; and meals and snacks individually packaged and wrapped.

Cutlery and utensils are thoroughly disinfected and under stricter hygiene standards.

Disposable gloves are used during meal preparations and hands are washed between glove changes.

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The swimming pools at each of our Green Safaris’ property are open and properly chlorinated.

We allow a maximum of one swimmer per three metres in the pool at a time.

Hand sanitiser is provided at the poolside.

All pool equipment used is cleaned before and after use.

Green Safaris
Ranger Elephant Kaya Mawa boat

& Safari Activities

Private road and charter flight transfers are available on request by guests.

Each vehicle, boat and bike will undergo cleaning and disinfecting after use so that is safe for the next guest. We disinfect onboard sanitation facilities at least every 30 minutes.

Our drivers and guides undergo screening before each activity and are fully trained on best practice procedures for limiting or containing any risk of infection. They are required to wear masks at all times.

Guests are required to sanitise their hands and undergo temperature screening before boarding. They are required to wear masks at all times.

Private drives and activities are arranged to suit guests. To ensure social distancing, we allow a maximum of six guests in a nine-seater game viewing vehicle, unless guests have come as a group. We ensure spacing of at least one metre and limit the number of members on the boats and walking safaris.

All meals are plated and served on one tray per guest during a boat cruise. Cutlery and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after use.

Miscellaneous equipment such as fishing rods and reels, binoculars, and helmets for quad biking are disinfected before and after each trip.