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Tourism can be a driving force for real, positive, sustainable change, and this is never truer than in Southern Africa. We invite you to make your luxury safari that much more unforgettable by getting stuck into some of our community and conservation projects!

Leave more than footprints behind when you head home, and experience the real soul of Zambia and Malawi.

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Kaya Mawa Lodge


We are expanding and in 2021 we will have established a community-run tree nursery in every village throughout Likoma Island. Each nursery site aims to plant 2,000 trees, totalling 24,000 trees per year.

We invite you to come and hug some trees or saplings with us. You can plant seeds, care for saplings, or if you’re here in December/January, maybe even help with the re-planting as we move stronger plants to their new homes around the island.

How To Help Now

You can also get involved from far away by donating to the project via the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation website. Just $50 enables us to raise and plant 100 trees!

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An Island Child

High achieving and disadvantaged students from Likoma Island are sponsored throughout their secondary schooling, with many of the stipends provided to students co-sponsored by guests visiting Kaya Mawa. Over 100 students were sponsored last year, and the focus is not just on education but also on improving each child’s health and personal growth.

How To Help Now

You don’t have to visit to sponsor! Head to the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation website and be sure to specify where you would like your donation to go. Just $150 puts a child through one year of secondary school and $500 sponsors a student for one year at university.

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Guests from all around the world fall in love with this little workshop, where single mothers or ladies caring for orphaned children create awe-inspiring design pieces out of recycled glass and metal.

Pop into this happy space to see chandeliers, cushion covers, and other gorgeous statement pieces being created from reclaimed rubbish. The ladies might even show you how their magic works, and if you’re especially lucky let you have a 'sew’ yourself.

How To Help Now

Head over to Katundu’s website and order yourself something beautiful!


Community Garden

This women-run community garden project near Kaya Mawa is now established and with the team benefitting from training in farm management skills, working with the environment and small business management, they are almost self-sufficient! Get in touch if you may be interested in a visit and we will let you know what the best experience will be.

We know that the ladies running this garden would love to show off everything they are learning (and teaching) about good nutrition and sustainable farm management.

How To Help Now

Donate via our Green Safaris Conservation Foundation website if you’d like us to be able to assist this project! While they are almost self-sufficient, there is maintenance for fencing and other expenses from unexpected environmental issues that the ladies require some assistance with.

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Being able to lay a solid foundation in a child’s education and development early goes a long way in creating bright futures for the young people of Likoma Island. That's why we support several nursery, primary and secondary schools through the employment of teachers, running feeding programs, and providing learning materials.

How To Help Now

If you would like to support one from afar, you can donate via the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. When on the island, let us take you to one of these happy schools and we promise you will leave feeling inspired! If your luggage isn’t too full when you leave home, you can also pack a fun educational toy or book.

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Young Mothers

Despite the challenges they face as women in their communities, the young mothers of Likoma Island radiate courage, strength and creativity. We work with the Young Mothers Programme to ensure these women, who form the bedrock of Likoma, are given the opportunity to shine even brighter.

How To Help Now

While staying with us at Kaya Mawa, pay a visit to the Young Mothers Programme and meet some of these wonderful women. You can also support the important work the organisation does by donating via the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation.

Foundation Contact

Tongabezi Lodge
& Sindabezi Island Camp

Trust School

The Tongabezi Trust School’s other name, Tujatane means ‘let us all hold hands together’ and this little school, born in 1996, would not have been possible without supportive hands reaching out from all over the world to help.

The school is run entirely on donations, mostly from Tongabezi guests. All guests are invited to visit, engage with, and learn from our 280 bright, talented students, all who receive a free education and nutritious meals at Tujatane. In fact, if you are only going to do one happy thing during your stay at Tongabezi, we’d suggest it is a tour of this school.

How To Help Now

The Tongabezi Trust School relies on the kindness of travellers. Head to their website if you want to know more about how to donate, and how to keep sending happier, more confident children to brighten Zambia’s future.


Twaabane Community
Creative Centre

The Twaabane Creative Centre is a brand-new project for the Tongabezi Trust School Team, and they’d love the chance to show you what it is all about.

This colourful, happy space is designed to share creative, artisanal, and practical skills to not only the children but also the adults in our Simonga Community. If you are new to sewing or sustainable farming, come and join a class! If you have skills of your own to impart, let us know in advance if you’d like to hold a lesson.

How To Help Now

Get in touch with Sarah, the Centre's Development Manager, if you would like to donate funds, art supplies, or your expertise to bringing creative productivity, and new employment opportunities, to our Simonga Village neighbours young and old.


Mukuni Organic
Community Farm

Come and explore some of our 1,200 hectares of sweetveld, which is rapidly becoming a fully sustainable, organic community-run farm.

Our team absolutely loves to teach travellers about their sustainable farming techniques, from alley cropping to grazing rotation and even to the home-made fertiliser and pesticide they use. You can personally compare their farming techniques with nearby traditional farming methods. See as the community begins to adopt methods that are not only cheaper and better for the environment, but also provide more growth.

How To Help Now

Donate via the Green Safaris Foundation Fund. If you want us to use the funds for something specific (seeds, gardening utensils, training days for the community) then be sure to mention this and we will keep you updated.


Tongabezi Reforrestation

Reforestation is vital in Southern Africa where so many people depend on coal to cook, clean and keep warm.

Whilst we are working to replace coal stoves with sustainable grass and stick-fuelled ones, our Green Team is also hard at work replacing the trees that have been cut down. Come and visit our nursery and see all of the indigenous and fruit-bearing trees getting ready to create shade, nutrition, and be a wonderful carbon-offset for our community.

How To Help Now

Donate via the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. If you want us to use the funds for something specific, like seeds, plant food or fuel to drive the saplings to their new homes, then be sure to mention this and we will keep you updated.



The tours within Simonga Village provide a joyous opportunity for guests to learn, engage and share stories with our wonderful community.

One of our local team will lead the tour, which is conducted in a respectful manner, and will introduce you to people who they know are happy to chat with the group. We encourage you to take the time to get to know the people you meet and to listen to the stories that they have to tell. This is an unforgettable way to experience a small slice of local Zambian life.

How To Help Now

Sponsor our Tongabezi Trust School to continue to uplift this joyful but vulnerable community.


Ila Safari Lodge

Learning Conservation
From The Experts

Ila Safari Lodge supports conservation initiatives such as Panthera and the Zambian Carnivore Project in their vital work protecting our Kafue wild cats.

The researchers in turn are incredibly excited to come to Ila and talk through their work with our guests. Sit around a campfire with some of the world’s leading cat conservationists and learn about how they address the immediate threats to species and ecosystems, their tracking and measuring processes, and their local leadership initiatives to ensure positive human-wildlife interactions.


Community Farm

Here, guests are invited to interact with the gardeners and learn exactly how a community farm is run and managed. Get your hands in the mud and help our gardeners care for this vital produce –water the plants, pick and replant vegetables. If your timing is very good, you might even be around for the mushroom harvest.

How To Help Now

Donate via the Green Safaris Foundation Fund. If you want us to use the funds for something specific, such as seeds, plant food or expanding the project, then be sure to mention this and we will keep you updated.


Community School

How To Help Now

Guests from Ila Safari Lodge can join us in making a difference for the students and teachers of Chunga Community School by packing much needed supplies like pens, books, posters and sports equipment.


Shawa Luangwa Camp

South Luangwa

Researchers and wildlife biologists from the Luangwa area are always excited to share their knowledge and findings about conservation in the area with our Shawa Luangwa guests.

Let us know if you’d be interested, and we can invite them to sit around a campfire or cold drink with you as they tell stories about their wildlife experiences and share news of their vital work.


Project Luangwa representatives give guided tours of some of the incredible initiatives they have created to empower, educate, and protect the Luangwa area and communities. They would love to show you around one of their secondary schools, where you can meet teachers and students and learn a little about what it is like to live in the Luangwa National Park.