Shawa Luangwa Camp offers a range of activities to ensure guests get the full experience of this incredible park.


Walking Safaris

The Luangwa is renowned for its walking safaris, in fact this is where the original “walking safari” originated and the park is famous for it. Be one with nature when you head out into the bush with one of our professional guides tracking the wildlife using footprints and spoor to spot your next sighting. The walking safaris really give you the opportunity to appreciate the bush.

Game Drives

Alongside our beautifully equipped safari vehicles Green Safaris also offers the incredibly unique experience of silently cruising through the park in our solar powered eLandy. The eLandy give you the opportunity of not only seeing sightings that you wouldn’t usually but also the ability to listen to the sounds of the bush in near silence.

Alongside the legendary Jacob Shawa our guests are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime.

Breakfast in the Bush

Waking up in Africa, specifically the Luangwa opens opportunities to all kinds of new experiences including dining amongst the wildlife in one of Africa’s wildest parks. Enjoy breakfast whilst watching elephants stroll across the river, or whilst impalas silently graze nearby – the opportunity to watch a big cat walk by whilst you’re sipping your coffee isn’t as unlikely as you’d think.