Practical information


Most visitors do require a visa, which is obtainable upon arrival at the airport for 50 USD. Please let us know which nationality you have then we will check if a visa is required.

Tetanus, polio, typhoid and hepatitis vaccinations are recommended.

It is advisable to know your blood group type in case of emergency and for your own peace of mind bring a couple of spare syringe needles with you.

Guests need a full valid passport to enter Zambia.


Dry Season - May to October

May: In May the rain has slowed down, the ground is green, the bush is lush and there is still water everywhere. May begins the dry season in Livingstone.

June & July: In June the rain stops completely and makes way for Livingstone's coolest months. Nights are cool and have average temperatures of around 11°C/52°F. Warm clothing for morning game drives and activities is advisable.

August & September – The bush starts to dry out at this time of year and the Livingstone heat begins to kick in with daily temperatures of around 33°C/91°F.

October – With the heat usually up around 36°C/97°F October is the month that calls for the rain to cool things off. Mornings are lovely with temperatures of 20°C/68°F.

Wet Season - November to April

November – November temperatures average around 35°C/95°F. The Zambezi River is at its lowest levels in November but localised rain ensures that the river starts to rise as the rains kick in full force to relieve the terrain for the extremely hot and dry spell. The sky often grey and hazy with incredible African thunderstorms on an occasional afternoon.

December, January, February & March – In these months daily temperatures average around 31°C/89°F. These are the wettest months with rain falling most days, although it rarely continues for the whole day. In March / April the river reaches its peak flow and the falls thunder.

April – An emerald delight - still cool and green from the rain certainly a wonderful time to visit Livingstone with the water flowing over the falls in full force.


High water months for the falls are from around March to July and activities such as the famous Devil's Pool will not be possible as the water levels will be too dangerous. During these months White-Water Rafting switches to high water, meaning not all the rapids are safe during this time.

During the winter months, the river is still quite full but water levels start to recede slowly. By August, it is now low water season and the best rafting experiences can be had at this time; Devil's Pool will be open.


Safari wear, long/short trousers, long/short-sleeved shirts in neutral colours (khaki), hat, T-shirts, light jumper (if you come in the cooler season), walking boots, prescription drugs, toiletry bag, spare glasses/ sunglasses / contact lenses, sunscreen, after sun if you forget the sunscreen!



  • Johannesburg – Livingstone (SAA & British Airways): 1h 45 mins
  • Durban - Livingstone (Proflight)
  • Lilongwe - Livingstone (Proflight)
  • Nairobi - Livingstone (Kenya Airways): 3h 05 mins
  • Nelspruit - Livingstone (SAA): 1h 40 mins
  • Cape Town - Livingstone (Kenya Airways): 3h 10 mins


Lusaka – Livingstone: 7 hours


Livingstone, like most places in Zambia, is in an area affected by malaria, so you need to talk to the clinic/doctor about antimalarials too. Plan on wearing long clothes in the evening and using mosquito repellent. Malaria Test kits are kept on site.