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Photo Competition

Terms and Conditions

Garonga Safari Camp will consider all submissions within each category at the end of each quarter to decide the winners within that 3-month period.

Winners will be contacted by the 7th date of the month (immediately after the 3 month period) by email and winners names and photos will be promoted on Garonga’s social media channels.

Photos must be originals and taken by the entrant while staying at Garonga Safari Camp/Little Garonga or while out on a safari activity in the wilderness around the camps.

All photo competition entries may be shared by Garonga Safari Camp and its 3rd party agents for marketing purposes. Photographer credit will be given.

No water marks. Images must be submitted in either JPEG, JPG or PNG format and a maximum file size of 5MB.

Date photo was captured; name of the photographer, email address of photographer, description of the photo and chosen category must be confirmed on submission.

The number of images one entrant may submit is limited to 3 per category.

Each image submitted can only be assigned to one category not multiple, so contestants must choose one category per image submitted.

Garonga Safari Camp reserves the right to monitor the entries and has full authority to reject entries that do not meet the competition criteria or our basic image standard.

Garonga Safari Camp will approve and publish all qualifying entries to the website and will share many of them on social media and other platforms.

Winners will be selected internally by judges from the lodge and marketing team and the decision is final.

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