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Your safari memories have always been precious, of course, but as of today they will hold extra value. With our new Photo Competition, every one of your Green Safaris memories is a potential lottery ticket to another safari adventure!

We know that when our guests leave our properties and activities, they do so with a year’s worth of snaps and videos to share online or to impose upon their family at dinner parties. We would love to see these Green Adventures, and hopefully you would love to return and have some more.

Every couple of months, we will have a competition based on different properties and categories. This means that you will have the chance to win a FREE 3-NIGHT STAY FOR TWO PEOPLE at one of our properties, multiple times a year!

All you have to do is upload your content and convince your loving family and friends to vote for you. The person with the most votes wins. And every now and then, if our team has a favourite, we might hand out an extra prize.

It really is that easy.

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Win a
3 Night Stay
For 2

Kaya Mawa accommodation
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Our Live Contests

Click the links below to view our live contests, upload your submissions and vote for a winner!

Life on the Edge You have experienced the ultimate thrill: life on the edge of the Smoke that Thunders. We want to see every part of your experience, from the boat ride to the swim to the food. Whilst the winner will be the person with the most votes, we may also have a sneaky little prize for the person with the most unexpected image choice. View Contest

Click here to view the Green Safaris Photo Competition Terms and Conditions.