Sustaining nature

At Green Safaris we don’t believe it’s good enough just to claim we are ‘eco-friendly’. We take being green very seriously. We strive to operate in the most sustainable way, using ‘green’ technology where-ever possible to reduce our footprint. Next to our green ethos, we are dedicated to support conservation and community development.

We actively support many conservation projects around our lodges and have initiated several groundbreaking community development projects, in which we will gladly involve our guests.

Green Tech

We take pride of being at the forefront of sustainable technology to minimise our footprint.




We have developed the very first electrical game-drive vehicle for silent safaris.



We operate an eBoat on the Kafue river and eQuad-bikes on Likoma island.


Solar system

We harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity

Ila Safaris Lodge Development

Sandbag building reinvented

Ila safari lodge

Certified by Heritage

The Environmental Management Company



Best Eco Lodge of Zambia
In 2016, Ila Safari Lodge has been awarded Best Eco Lodge of Zambia

Best ecologically responsible lodge
Kaya Mawa 3rd best ecologically responsible lodge


We are driven by our passion to preserve the most pristine areas of African nature, hence we do our utmost to operate our lodges in the most sustainable way.


With conservation as one of our key missions, we have setup a dedicated organization, the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation, which actively supports a variety of conservation organizations active in our areas.

Grantees in 2018 are:

We take great pride in educating our guests and where-ever possible actively involve them in these conservation related activities, whilst visiting our lodges.

Game Rangers International
Whom we’ve supported in operating a fire truck in Kafue National Park

A high tech engineering collective who are developing improved tracking devices for anti-poaching, in combination with WWF

Whom we’ve supported in installing a new radio-network, dedicated to improve communications across the park

The Zambian Carnivore Project
Whom we support to setup a new base camp close to Ila Safari Lodge.

Community Development

We actively support a variety of local community development projects



The Katundu Workshop

We have created a community workshop at Kaya Mawa, to produce stunning artcraft from recycled materials

community farm

Ila community farm

We have set up a community farm, which produces almost all of our vegetables used at Ila Safari Lodge