Ila Safari Lodge development

At Ila the safari tents are mounted on wooden decks with the timber having been sourced from an environmentally friendly supplier.

tent exterior
tent romantic

We carefully built around existing mature trees and incorporated them into our design. The 'twin palm' trees you find as you walk into the boma are a perfect example of our commitment to leave the natural environment as untouched as possible. Young trees growing in areas we wanted to clear were gently dug up, potted and looked after before later being returned to other suitable areas within the site.

The main boma is built from locally sourced materials and using an eco-friendly sandbag building method. Sandbag building is a process where by sandbags are filled with earth or sand and used as the core of the main building structure. Over this is a thin layer of plaster for finishing purposes. The benefit of sandbag building is longevity, insulation and the fact that the earth excavated during leveling was reused in the actual construction.