Condé Nast 2018, Tongabezi takes Gold 

Guest | February 14, 2018

‘One of the 20 Best Hotels in the World’

You may have seen the Condé Nast Gold List 2018. It came out in December, and there are some gorgeous hotels in there. The sort of places that make your heart skip a beat a little, all rolling white beaches, the sound of surging waves and the flattering shade of palm trees, or epic safari adventures with elephants stealing water from the pool right in front of you.

But Condé Nast is only human, and everyone has their favourite favourites. We all have those places that not only make your heart skip a beat, but steal it right out of your chest and keep it safe, sipping champagne on the riverbanks or under the stars until you return.

So another Gold List has been published. ‘The 20 Best Hotels in the World’, it says in a classic bold font. And right behind this decisive heading is a photo of our very own chill zones: the Tongabezi Hangout and the Tongabezi Lookout.

Tongabezi has been named one of the ‘20 Best Hotels in the World’. We have stolen the heart of Condé Nast , and since we love them so much ourselves we don’t want to give it back. Condé Nast writers and editors are to travel what the full moon is to the Victoria Falls: they draw attention to the truly beautiful places in the world, and by doing so they create something even more spectacular. Their lunar rainbow is all of the people who read their articles and discover a passion for travel, who see photos of a hotel in a country they’ve never been to and fall in love with it.

We treasure every love letter our guests write us. They tell us Tongabezi is worth falling in love with. And now we have another letter to add to our collection, one written in gold and signed Condé Nast.

Wander on over to the full Condé Nast Gold List 2018 article here

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