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South Luangwa National Park

Wild Sanctuary

Celebrated as one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, the South Luangwa National Park and the Luangwa River meandering through it are home to a rich ecosystem just waiting to be explored.

The shifting seasons transform the park dramatically throughout the year, creating distinct and unforgettable scenes amidst the mopane and miombo woodland, grassland savannah and riverine forest.

Large herds of elephant and buffalo share this special wilderness with 14 antelope and three endemic mammal species. A renowned predator playground with a sizeable leopard population, be sure to keep a look out for this agile feline.

South Luangwa


Valley of the Leopard

The South Luangwa has one of the highest densities of leopard in Africa and sightings of this elusive big cat are frequent. Equally charming are the lions and spotted hyenas, along with a growing number of African wild dogs.

400+ Bird Species

South Luangwa is a hive of feathered activity throughout the year. Pel’s fishing owl and Verreaux’s eagle owl are just two of the 39 birds of prey found here. Migrants like southern carmine bee-eaters and yellow-billed storks arrive in colourful breeding plumage to nest in the warmer months.

Graceful Grazers

The Luangwa River is home to plentiful hippo and its banks are visited by plains game like bushbuck, kudu and puku. South Luangwa also hosts three regionally endemic species - Crawshay's zebra, Thornicroft’s giraffe and Cookson’s wildebeest.


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