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Community & Conservation Projects

Our Philosophy

Green Safaris was born out of a deep connection with Africa’s untouched wild spaces and the wildlife and communities that call them home.

This passion drives our commitment to conservation, empowerment and sustainability in every aspect of Green Safaris. We see our properties in Zambia and Malawi as a means to that end, allowing us to offer an authentic experience for you and those you meet along the way. Each property supports at least one conservation or environment initiative and one community project.

Green Safaris Conservation Foundation

The Green Safaris Conservation Foundation supports community and conservation projects where we operate. The Foundation forms part of the journey you join us on when you stay at one of our properties, which then enables us to continue and expand our mission of eco tourism in Africa.

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From building our new camps to the first project initiated when we join existing properties, we continually seek to operate in more sustainable ways. Green Safaris is the only company in Zambia that offers Silent Safaris, which we champion through green technology like electric boats, bikes and game drive vehicles.

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Giving children an opportunity to learn and develop holistically is a core part of the Green Safaris ethos. Our education initiatives cultivate curiosity and confidence within a supportive environment that makes learning accessible to children from under-resourced communities. And it is local teachers that help create bright futures for their students.

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Community Development

The Green Safaris family reaches far beyond our properties. Our responsibility extends from our employees through to neighbouring communities, where we are actively involved in building sustainable livelihoods that enable people to thrive. As our guest, we invite you to get involved in these empowerment initiatives during your stay.

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We are so fortunate to share some of the most pristine natural environments with a diverse collection of wild residents. Africa’s wildlife deserves our protection, which is why Green Safaris dedicates energy, skills and resources towards initiating and supporting conservation projects in the areas where we operate.

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