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Green Safaris

Green Safaris

At Green Safaris we fell in love with Africa’s pristine wilderness and the purity of its people a long time ago.

We are driven by our passion to preserve the most pristine areas of African nature. And we want to share our passion with you, by offering unique experiences. Intimate encounters in the most beautiful and remote locations.

With the greatest care we handpicked our destinations where we operate our premier camps. Every place has a special story to tell and is part of an important ecosystem.

We take the greatest care to help protect and nurture these places, so that generations to come may enjoy it as we do.

And that’s where our mission comes from: We design and operate our camps in the most sustainable way and actively involve the local communities.

Now it’s time to invite you to experience Africa in a truly personal and unique way. Intimately fall in love with its nature and its people, whilst helping to sustain these pristine areas at the same time.. We take pride in exceeding your expectations.

VINCENT KOUWENHOVEN & DANIEL ALLCOCK Founder and Managing Director Green Safaris