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Kaya Mawa Revamp Brings More Magic to Your Malawi Holiday

The lovely Kaya Mawa just got a whole lot lovelier! Our lodge on the lake showed off some subtle and other more significant changes when the team welcomed guests for their Lake Malawi holiday at the start of this year’s season in April.

A woman in Madimba House pool looks out across Lake Malawi on her Malawi holiday

Malawi holiday dreams come true at the refreshed Kaya Mawa

Even small changes can make a difference to the look and feel of a lodge, and how you experience the space. The bar, restaurant and lounge at Kaya Mawa have had a sprucing up of new cushions, curtains and carpets as well as some fresh decking and thatching in these areas and the rooms. If you’re a return guest, you’ll notice some new artwork on the walls and other beautiful décor items that add a little extra sparkle to these main areas.

A woman with hat on in a pool next to Kaya Mawa accommodation on Malawi holidayA woman sitting on a bench in front of Kaya Mawa accommodation on Malawi holiday

Madimba House was closed for an entire year while it underwent a major rebuild and refurbishment. Its temporary closure was so worth it because its transformation has it looking more gorgeous than ever. Some of the highlights are a larger dreamy sunken bath with sublime views of Lake Malawi, a separate kids’ room with bunk beds, and a blue gum tree has been planted for shade by the pool that is accompanied by new wooden decking.

The Madimba House ‘after’ photos are coming soon!

An African beach holiday that outshines all the rest

The essence of Kaya Mawa and those things that make it a Green Safaris property, have stayed the same. So often it is the seemingly small things make the biggest impressions and these are the things that add the unforgettable to the Kaya experience. It’s the big smile that welcomes you to the bar, and the good conversation and delicious cocktails that keep you there. Being led to your private lunch picnic set on a quiet part of the beach, and a meal that shows Chef Cephas really listened when you said how you’d love to try Malawian vegetarian dishes.

Two women with hats on at picnic table on Likoma Island beach in Lake Malawi for Malawi holiday

It’s our continued, deep love for the island’s people and environment, which we turn into real action through community and conservation programmes, many of which guests can get involved in. As with Kaya’s existing décor and furniture pieces, these new items were largely sourced locally from the talented artisans at Katundu and other local workshops. The trees grown for fruit and firewood thrive under the hard-working hands of community members and Likoma Conservation Foundation, supported by the Kaya Green Team.

Women guests of Kaya Mawa visit Katundu Workshop on Likoma Island for Malawi holiday

Stay longer and add a safari adventure to your African beach holiday

Did you know that all our properties are open at the moment? This only happens for a few months of the year. So why not stay a little longer and enjoy more of our eco-conscious luxury and Silent Safaris at several properties in Zambia. Then, hop across to Lake Malawi and end off your African holiday relaxing on the shores of Likoma Island.

We have some amazing Itineraries and Specials to inspire you. And it gets better! We are offering a special discount of up to $150 per person for inter-property flights on select routes. Please contact us or enquire and book using our easy to use online form.

PS: Find out why Lea Lane recommends a Malawi holiday, in this Forbes article.

All photos by Gerben van der Waals.