A Luxury Wellness Retreat on the Zambezi River

Paul Changuion | May 27, 2020

During her two-night stay at Tongabezi, yoga and meditation teacher, Miki Ash, basked in all the benefits of a luxury wellness retreat on the lazy Zambezi River.

Miki Ash carries a sweet smile wherever she goes, radiating serenity and strength, which she cultivates through her yoga, meditation, and healthy lifestyle. She most recently nourished her mind and soul in a slightly different way – by going on a bold adventure. Selling up all her belongings and buying a one-way plane ticket out of Los Angeles, Miki set off to travel the world, eventually making her way to Livingstone, Zambia before ending her journey in Cape Town, South Africa.

Visiting Zambia in March meant she was travelling within the context of the virus outbreak that had been spreading across the world and had just reached some African countries at that point. All that she and her partner wanted to do “was get away from the busyness of the cities and the impending doom of crowds and immerse ourselves into nature”, which they found in abundance at Tongabezi.

Finding wellness in the wilderness

“We arrived at sunset to a glass lake, reflecting the pink and orange clouds in a perfect mirror image. The sight was so breathtaking, I was nearly moved to tears.”

Tongabezi, Luxury Wellness Retreat, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls
© Miki Ash

One of the best ways to truly reconnect with yourself is to take a digital detox, disconnect from the outside world, and tune into nature’s tranquility. The real beauty of Tongabezi is its setting. The experiences and activities are just added bonuses to the beauty of the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and the wilderness beyond. Enjoying the sampan dinner floating on the river under a star-studded sky, the boho-chic style picnic lunch or sundowners on a river sandbar, and the massage treatment overlooking the river are all made special due to nature’s effortless splendour.

Building strength holistically

“There’s a fully equipped gym, with a gorgeous view looking out onto a grassy field filled with a variety of African flora and fauna, as well as a pool, which I had all to myself! There’s a yoga pavilion that’s tucked into the treetops, and a huge variety of activities to participate in.”

Tongabezi, Luxury Wellness Retreat, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, Miki Ash
© Miki Ash

Life is all about finding that happy balance. Staying both rested and active is a part of achieving that and a wellness retreat is a great way to continue (or start!) healthy routines. It might mean working up a sweat at the gym and then dozing on a lounger in the warm sun by the pool; reading a book and taking in the view of the river at The Hangout and then getting onto your mat for a challenging yoga flow surrounded by birdsong.

Gaining a refreshed perspective

“Being in the open air, surrounded by nature was the most nourishing experience I could have asked for. During the drive, you can’t help but be extremely present, and all the anxiety I’ve been carrying with me about travel and sickness completely melted away.”

Tongabezi, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, African Wildlife Safari
© Miki Ash

Coming face to face with a magnificent elephant can be a grounding experience; one that reboots your perspective about life and where you fit in it. Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park can be explored on a traditional game drive or boating along the Zambezi. And it’s not only elephants that you can expect to see; there are also healthy populations of impala, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and sable antelope, among various other wildlife.

Falling asleep to nature’s lullaby

“Sleeping was a dream, being lulled to bed with the soothing sounds of nature. The water, lapping at the deck. The birds and the insects singing their night songs. Just far away enough from everything and everyone to feel completely at peace.”

Tongabezi, Luxury Wellness Retreat, Zambezi River, Victoria Falls
© Miki Ash

After a day spent encountering wildlife on a game drive through Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park or taking a dip in Devil’s Pool above the cascading Victoria Falls, a comfortable bed and sweet lullaby awaits back at your suite. The Zambezi River lapping lazily below and the nocturnal sounds of nature make for the dreamiest song that will calm even the most restless sleepers into a deep, relaxing sleep. Switching off those devices and giving your body a chance to really rest is integral to the wellness retreat concept.

So, when safe travel is possible again, take the time to switch off, slow down and surrender yourself to a luxury wellness retreat at Tongabezi that is good for the mind, body, and soul.

Find out more about Miki Ash and her love for all things mindfulness and health-related here.

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