Walk, Swim and Eat Your Way Across Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island

Natasha Parker | October 15, 2018

When is an island not an island? When you can walk to it, of course. As of the 5th of October this year, visitors to Livingstone Island have been able to walk across the waterfall. This walk starts on the Zambian side and ends at the spot where Dr. David Livingstone first viewed Victoria Falls: right in the middle of the falling water.

‘Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angel’s in their flight,’ Dr. Livingstone said of the falls at first. Now ‘scenes so lovely’ can be gazed upon (and gawked at, snapchatted or captured in the background of selfies if your arms are freakishly long or your selfie-stick very secure) by excited tourists and proud locals. The only requirement is that you have sturdy shoes – rafters or trainers are suggested – are willing and able to walk over rocks in the Zambian heat, and that you are accompanied by an official Tongabezi Guide.

Once arriving on the ‘island’, visitors are given the opportunity to swim in the infamous Devil’s Pool, which sits right on the very edge.

Devil’s Pool

After an (optional!) swim on the edge, soft drinks are provided to combat the ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life’ dizziness. Finally guests make the gorgeous walk back to the mainland, still accompanied by an official Tongabezi Guide.

For those who want to add an extra level to their Livingstone Island adventure, consider doing a Breakfast, Lunch or High Tea experience. This replaces the walk with a boat trip to the island, and the soft drinks with a luxury gourmet meal which might include anything from mini beef sliders to baobab and wild fruit sorbet.

This experience is only available when the Zambezi River is low enough, and can only be reserved through Tongabezi. The maximum number of people is eight, and there will be four walks run daily.

The walk starts and ends at the National Heritage ticket office at the Victoria Falls entrance. Strut past all of the other envious tourists experiencing one side of the waterfall whilst you head to the very heart of the Smoke that Thunders: Livingstone Island, which is not an island at all really… except when it is.

Livingstone Island is the only accessible land right on the edge of Victoria Falls, and is the first place that David Livingstone observed the falls from. Livingstone Island is only accessible from Zambia.


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