Walk, Swim and Feast: a Livingstone Island, Victoria Falls Adventure

Natasha Parker | October 15, 2018

When is an island not an island? When you can walk to it, of course.

As of early October each year, the waters of the Zambezi River recede enough that visitors to Livingstone Island can walk across the greatest waterfall in the world: Victoria Falls.

 Livingstone Island when the Zambezi River is high

Walking Across a Waterfall

Ever dreamt of retracing the steps of a legendary explorer? Well, now’s your chance. Starting from the Zambian side, you can embark on the same journey Dr. David Livingstone did, leading you straight to the heart of Victoria Falls, Livingstone Island. Whilst Dr. Livingstone made this journey by canoe, after October each year, you can decide whether you wish to reach his island by boat or on foot

Remember his words? ‘Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.’ Now, these ‘scenes so lovely’ are up for grabs for wanderlust-filled travellers and proud locals alike. Just be sure to have your trusty shoes on, be ready to brave the Zambian sun, and have a certified Tongabezi Guide by your side.

Image by Hudson and Emily

Swimming in Devil’s Pool

Walking or boating is only the start of your Livingstone Island adventure. Why not take a daring dip? The famed Devil’s Pool awaits, sitting right on the edge, offering a swim that’s not for the faint-hearted. The most iconic natural infinity pool in the world, the Devil’s Pool sits on the very edge of Victoria Falls, where guests can lean out over the thundering water and spot a rainbow from above. Don’t worry; our guides ensure you feel safe and comfortable throughout the process and will be there to hold your hand (and your feet) as you lean out over the abyss.

A Well-Deserved Island Feast 

After you’ve had your fill of thrill? Cool down with a drink, perfect for shaking off that ‘I can’t believe I just did that’ feeling. And if you’re looking to add a sprinkle of luxury to your Livingstone Island tale, why not opt for a Breakfast, Lunch, or High Tea experience? Swap those walking shoes for a boat ride, and replace that cool drink with a gourmet spread. Think juicy beef sliders and the exotic taste of baobab and wild fruit sorbet.

A Little History Lesson

Livingstone Island isn’t just another spot on the map. Archaeological excavations near the Falls have uncovered stone relics dating back roughly 3 million years. Yet, it wasn’t until November 1855 that the Scottish adventurer Dr. David Livingstone ventured down the Zambezi River to witness the location the local tribes named Mosi oa Tunya, translated as The Smoke that Thunders. The Makolo tribe ferried Livingstone to the Falls using canoes, so that his first sighting of the largest waterfall in the world was from an island right at the heart of the falling water.

Today, that island is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the world, and it can only be reached from Zambia.

For the full scoop and to secure your spot, check out Tongabezi and Livingstone Tourism.


This one-of-a-kind experience is up for grabs only when the Zambezi River decides to play nice. Booking is exclusive through Tongabezi, and we have a 100% safety record. The minimum age for children on the island is eight years old, but for swimming activities, the minimum is twelve. Safety is our first priority, and Tongabezi reserves the right to refuse swimming activities without prior notice to weak swimmers or if the water levels seem too high.

You can book Livingstone Island directly via our website here.

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