2022 Is The Year of The Hippo

Natasha Parker | April 8, 2022

We have decided (although the Zodiac calendar would disagree) that 2022 is officially the year of the hippo. 

Why, you ask? Because come rain, come floods, come a little global chaos… the hippo thrives in the water! So rather than wishing the floods away, we are excited to show you how well we swim (or power walk along the bottom, in the case of our hippo metaphor). And we would love for you to join us, and bring your whole pod with you.

Escaping your Zoom screen to “pod” along on a luxury safari… is actually the kindest thing you can do this year!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, tourism in Africa has a sense of global responsibility, of “Ubuntu,” that you don’t find anywhere else in the world. Over the years, “Ubuntu” has come to mean the spirit of “I am, because we are.” In the safari industry, you see this translated into action by companies that give back in a very real way to their communities, wildlife, and environment.

Photos by @lovemwai and @StepanVrzala

Green Safaris is not the first to take this responsibility seriously, and we are happy to predict that we won’t be the last. But let us spoil you on private islands, pour you cocktails by river sunsets, run your bubble bath above snorting hippos, and you’ll see that our commitments reach from deep within our walls (sandbag built) all the way to where we source our power (the sun or the Zambezi) and grow our food (largely in our own organic gardens).

Social distancing with herds of elephants is the MOST Covid conscious way to travel in 2022.

Our properties are only found in hand-picked, isolated, and pristine wild locations in Zambia and Malawi. They are also designed to pay homage to Africa’s wide horizons, with immense rooms, private dining spots, outdoor activities, and absolutely no need to see another guest if you don’t want to.

Combine this with vaccinated staff, extensive Covid-safety guidelines, and our nearest neighbours being wild animals (who you really ought to distance yourself from anyway), and we’ve created the perfect places to forget the pandemic without forgetting to stay safe.

But don’t take our word for it, the numbers make it very clear that Africa is the place to be… and they have done since the very beginning.

Trusting in Green Safaris is Number 1 on the list of “Best Travel Ideas for 2022.”

Ok so we wrote the list… and we’re clearly biased… but we’re also committed to proving to you that we are worth travelling for. So we spent the last year building, upgrading, improving, training, exploring, and in every possible way refining the Dream Green itinerary. We invited feedback from travel experts from around the world and we made changes based on their thoughts. And this year, we’re promising to do it all again.

Here are just a few of our upcoming upgrades:

  • A brand new pontoon at Ila Safari Lodge so that our Electric Vehicles can cross into areas of the National Park with more wildlife and fewer people.
  • Fabulous interior design changes at Chisa Busanga Camp, as well as energy-efficient air-conditioning (based on agent and guest feedback).
  • A brand new kitchen and outside dining area for Ndomo House at Kaya Mawa
  • Each room at Shawa Luangwa Camp will be extended with a new drop deck to add outdoor space.
  • A beloved wooden dhow at Tongabezi will become electric, ensuring that future picnics on the Zambezi River are not only idyllic but also sunshine-powered.

Plunge into the calm waters of Africa (not literally of course) and enjoy everything that comes with a luxury safari above water. We can’t wait to see you soon.

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The team at Shawa Luangwa Camp is an example of Green Safaris project of community development in Zambia
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