Our Favourite Forecasted Travel Trends of 2023

Paul Changuion | November 30, 2022

As we emerge from the pandemic and start to plan our next adventures, it’s helpful to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and predictions. Here are some of the top travel trends for 2023 to look out for in the coming year.

Travel that pairs luxury & sustainability

Luxury and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive.

One of the most significant trends in recent years has been the rise of sustainable travel, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. Sustainable travel is not only better for the planet, but it can also lead to more authentic and rewarding travel experiences. What’s more is that making eco-conscious choices doesn’t have to mean foregoing modern luxuries and creature comforts while on holiday.

We are most excited about this trend. Our ethos and practice is about building ecotourism in Africa, which we achieve largely through the community and conservation projects we support through our properties. There has also developed a heightened awareness of the worrying effect that over-tourism is having on some of the world’s most visited places. And people are taking this into consideration as part of their sustainable travel choices, resulting in people opting more under-the-radar destinations.

As more travellers become aware of their environmental impact and focus on experiences that prioritise sustainability, the more ecotourism in Africa will grow and eventually become standard practice.

Wellness retreats in the wilderness

Nature is so much more than just a pretty view.

There is something inherently calming about being in nature, perhaps because it doesn’t ask anything of us except to just be. For some, there is a spiritual quality to communing with nature as it restores the soul; tuning into the rhythm of the wild offers physical and mental health benefits for others. Staring out across a gently rippling river stills the mind, just as a massage treatment is soothing for the body.

Wellness retreats weave holistic health-promoting activities into a wilderness stay. This more intentional approach of a group wellness retreat might be something that you need in your life at that time. It might include practicing yoga together at sunset, asking your private guide to lead a silent bush walk, experiencing nature creatively through writing and painting, meditating at dawn.

Nature therapy is real, even if it is intangible and sometimes hard to explain. Whether water or land based, it enriches one’s soul and creates experiences that will transform your life. Travelers are looking for ways to recharge and take care of themselves, and wellness travel can offer a much-needed break from the stresses of everyday life.

Immersive & meaningful local experiences

We are excited to see that culturally immersive local experiences are gaining increasing popularity and this is set to continue into the new year. Tourism can be a driving force for real, positive, sustainable change at the community and country levels.

Instead of visiting a destination and barely scratching the surface, we always encourage our guests to connect deeply both with the natural environment and the people that call it home. For us, both are a major part of why our love for Africa and we hope to instill this in those that visit our properties. Purpose-focused travel helps guests feel more connected to the places they visit, leading to more meaningful experiences for them and locals.

Part of the Green Safaris experience is creating opportunities to do this meaningfully and respectively, learning something new in each engagement. This places higher value on fulfilling experiences that fuel human connection, thirst for knowledge and personal growth. The process always needs to have a second, equally important part which is to make a positive impact on the local place and people.

It could be packing a fun educational book or classroom supplies for when you visit a community school, sponsoring a student’s school or university education, or learning about community garden, skills development and sustainable livelihood projects onsite.

Group travel that reconnects family & friends

Families and friends are eager to reconnect after being apart for so long.

Private group travel offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Whether it’s a multi-generational family trip, a reunion with friends, or a celebration of a milestone birthday, going on holiday together creates memories that last a lifetime. The trend of bespoke group travel is growing, and people are seeking out options that cater to their specific needs and interests, especially when bringing together the very young and old members of the family.

One of the most popular ways to plan group travel is by booking a private house for a true home-away-from-home feel. This allows families and friends to have their own space while still being in close proximity to each other. No matter what type of group travel you choose, the key is to focus on creating meaningful experiences together so that by the end of the holiday, everyone has had the best time.

Remember, it’s also important to build in some downtime to allow everyone to relax and recharge.

Whether you’re interested in sustainable travel, off-the-beaten-path destinations, or wellness travel, there’s something for everyone. So start planning your next adventure and make the most of these exciting top travel trends for 2023.

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