Meet Luxury African Destination Wedding Ambassador, Mwai Yeboah

Paul Changuion | March 10, 2023

We are ecstatic to announce that award-winning wedding and honeymoon planner Mwai Yeboah has officially joined the Green Safaris family as Wedding Ambassador. This partnership, which started with Tongabezi and Sindabezi, has blossomed naturally to embrace all our lodges as luxury African wedding destinations. We couldn’t be more excited!

The gorgeous Mwai performing with the Tongabezi Trust School students | By Stepan Vrzala & Exalt Africa

Meet Mwai

Mwai Yeboah is a warm and beautiful soul. She exudes creativity and strength, a proud Zambian woman and multi-award-winning wedding and honeymoon planner. Clearly talented in all the events and projects she takes on, Mwai is the founder of Exalt Africa, a multi-faceted business that champions Africa from the perspective of Africans. You may know Mwai from the renowned Love From, Mwai, which has been incorporated within Exalt Africa.

Honeymoon photoshoot at Sindabezi Island and Tongabezi Lodge | By Stepan Vrzala & Exalt Africa

Mwai has recently added Editor-in-Chief to her portfolio following the recent launch of Fifty-Four. This gorgeous online and hardcopy magazine brings authentic African culture, travel, art, and fashion to an international audience. Mwai is not short of energy, creativity and motivation, and we’re a little intimidated by her ability to conceptualise and implement so many beautiful projects.

A partnership made in wedding heaven

From a Black Panther-inspired wedding editorial photoshoot above Victoria Falls to curating honeymoon escapes at Tongabezi and Sindabezi, it didn’t take long for Mwai to fall in love with Tongabezi and Sindabezi. And the feeling is definitely mutual!

What is it about Green Safaris that first drew Mwai?

I love their positioning amidst the wilderness, their distinct interior style and exclusivity, and the warm-hearted teams that make the luxury travel experience come to life. Most importantly, of course, I am drawn to the deep and authentic connection to the Zambian people and places that the property teams and embed in their work wherever possible. I feel this is at the core of my own brand, too.”

Black Panther themed wedding photoshoot editorial on Livingstone Island | By Stepan Vrzala & Exalt Africa

In Mwai, we have found a partner who loves Africa, and who channels this love through authentic storytelling that pushes past the stereotypes that are often linked to the continent. Instead, she shows the diversity of our home, and that each region, country and community holds its own powerful traditions and changing culture.

Zambia and Malawi are wildly romantic sojourns 

As Green Safaris Wedding Ambassador, our guests can experience a destination wedding or honeymoon under Mwai’s trusted care, guidance and knowledge. Imagine saying ‘I do’ above Victoria Falls and celebrating with loved ones at an intimate reception on the banks of the Zambezi at Tongabezi.

Honeymoon photoshoot at Sindabezi Island | By Alex Schon

Honeymooning on our small island at Sindabezi or in a private Nest suite at Chisa on the remote Busanga Plains wilderness. The romance of Ila is in the sunset boat cruises on the Kafue River, the open-air bathtub and private dinner on your tented suite’s deck.

Dreaming of a multi-country getaway? Pair a luxury African destination wedding at one of our Zambian safari lodges with a secluded island retreat at Kaya Mawa on Lake Malawi for the ultimate laidback honeymoon.

Together, Mwai and Green Safaris will create celebrations of love, with all the exceptional extravagances our guests deserve, in destinations that set the scene for romance.

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