Green Safaris 12 Days of Thankfulness

Natasha Parker | December 21, 2021

We decided to do things a little differently this holiday season. Instead of spending 12 days daydreaming of future gifts, the Green Safaris family is celebrating and giving thanks for the many blessings we have received ‘from’ Africa. This is our 12 Days of Thankfulness…

On the first day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Man Driving Green Safaris Game Drive Vehicle Rainbow over Field
Photo by Morgan Through a Lens

Untouched wonders, like the mighty Smoke that Thunders, endless plains, baobab trees, rushing rivers, thunderstorms, and skies of stars that stretch from yesterday to tomorrow. All the Green Safaris properties are surrounded by all of these (and so many more natural wonders) in the pristine, secret spaces they are so fortunate to call home.

On the second day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Photo by Gerben van der Waals

Wild neighbours, with claws, paws, scales, feathers and tails, each one dazzling in their fabulous designs and habitats that match their fascinating personalities. These creatures are not the kind of gift you take home though, of course! Theirs is a gift of beauty and wonder given from afar, yet no less special than a present under the Christmas tree.

On the third day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Photo by Gerben van der Waals

Gifts of gold, that are found in the sunsets and camp fires, candles and starlight, and lion’s manes. But admire from afar please because if you try to hold them, most will burn you and one will even bite you!

On the fourth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Photo by Gerben van der Waals

Cookies and other little treats, that are right up there with sunsets and waterfalls in the ‘best things in the world’ category.

On the fifth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Photo by Gerben van der Waals

Sunshine power, to fuel adventures by boat, car or bike, so that our guests can go further into the wild in respectful silence. Even the baobabs have learned how to turn sunshine into growth that lasts thousands of years, and everyone knows they aren’t the sharpest tree on the plains. It’s about time humans caught up on the evolutionary ladder.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Brilliant friends, with abundant talents and passions, who love to build, teach, host, create or garden. These special people are ready and waiting to show Africa and their own talents off to the world once more!

On the seventh day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Music, for dancing, singing, or simply listening to whilst you watch the world. And also, perhaps, because Africa enjoys a good joke and not everyone is built for traditional Zambian dancing, however much they might try.

On the eight day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Abundant gardens, to grow and to tend, to nourish and be nourished by. After all, healthy living starts at the basics – in the soil, the sun and the rain. The community gardens that Green Safaris share are an awesome sight to see!

On the ninth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Unforgettable adventures, to remind us that the world is big and bold and that we can be big and bold in it. We are lucky too that Africa was kind enough to give us self-preservation instincts. So that we know which challenges are a fun way to test personal limits and to grow… and which are simply not a good idea!

On the tenth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Photo by Stepan Vrzala Photography & Mwai Yeboah

Traditions, in our clothes, songs, dances, food, skills and stories that enable us to carry our history with us in order to learn how to brighten our future. Like balloons for small children, traditions are there to remind us that there are some things you should never let go of, such as lessons, memories and people.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

Loving communities, that welcome us with wide smiles and open hands, who would show us that the best way to go far is to go together. Here’s to the communities where we are based, where people work together to protect and empower not only each other, but also the wildlife and ecology in our surrounding areas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Africa gave us:

– Untouched wonders
– Wild neighbours
– Gifts of gold
– Cookies and other little treats
– Sunshine power
– Brilliant friends
– Music
– Abundant gardens
– Unforgettable adventures
– Traditions
– Loving communities

And the strength to protect all of the gifts she has bestowed, so that they may bring joy each year and not just for this one.

Happy Holidays everyone! Let us not forget how strong our hands and our important our decisions are as we go into 2022. You, too, can change the world for the better.

Feature photo by Gerben van der Waals.

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