Highlights from our Team’s Zambia Safari Tour

Paul Changuion | December 7, 2021

The brilliant women from our Reservations and Sales teams have just come back from a Zambia safari tour of the Green Safaris camps and lodges in Kafue National Park, Busanga Plains, South Luangwa National Park, and Victoria Falls.

It has been dubbed the ‘Fam Trip’. Because, together with getting to know the ins and outs of the five Zambian properties, they have become part of Green Safaris family by building friendships and sharing memories with each other and the camp staff.

Before we find out about their two-week Zambian deep-dive, we would like to introduce to you our in-house experts:

People look forward and stand in front of Victoria Falls during the Zambia safari tour
Carla, Shauneeze, Lida and Claire at Victoria Falls during their Zambia safari tour

Carla is a bright new addition to the Green Safaris family, who works as our Zambia sales representative. She considers herself “very lucky to have grown up in a beautiful place like Zambia”.

Shauneeze is our main point of contact for Kaya Mawa from her home in Lilongwe, Malawi. She is superb at curating complex multi-country itineraries for Southern Africa more broadly.

Lida has recently joined the Green Safaris team, looking after reservations for Ila Safari Lodge, Chisa Busanga Camp and Shawa Luangwa Camp.

Claire is a travel and tourism guru, with a long-standing relationship and knowledge of Tongabezi and Sindabezi. She is quickly developing the same connection with the other properties.

The Zambia safari tour itinerary

Carla, Shauneeze, Lida and Claire met each other for the first time in Lusaka and bonded over an incredible itinerary from 6 to 18 October.

2 nights at Ila Safari Lodge in Kafue National Park.

2 nights at Chisa Busanga Camp in the Busanga Plains, northern Kafue.

An overnight in Lusaka, before heading off to South Luangwa National Park.

3 nights at Shawa Luangwa Camp along the Luangwa River across from the Nsefu Sector.

Another night in Lusaka, before ending the trip at Victoria Falls.

3 nights at Tongabezi Lodge on the Zambezi River, before heading home from Lusaka.

Carry on reading to find out what Carla, Shauneeze, Lida and Claire loved about each of our properties in Zambia:

Sharing love for the Zambian safari camps and lodges

Ila Safari Lodge

My favourite detail would be the e-boat. We had an amazing lunch on it and were all amazed by how peaceful it was to be out on the river with the silent boat – Carla

The location of the lodge on the Kafue riverfront and the surprise barbeque lunch on the e-boat – Shauneeze

Sunset and table of drinks in Kafue National Park during the Zambia safari tour
Sundowner drinks after a game drive in Kafue National Park

The river in front of the lodge was spectacular. They also surprised us with a lunch braai (barbeque) on the boat and we all really enjoyed this with the e-boat! The hippos around the lodge in the small pools and the river was also a highlight – Lida

It has to be the location on the banks of the Kafue River; and the option of the river activities – Claire

Chisa Busanga Camp

I loved the uniqueness of the Nests and being up high overlooking the Plains – Carla

Definitely a must to add on to a circuit trip! The intimacy of the camp and the chance to experience staying in the Nest rooms. The Food was amazing! The drives through the Busanga Plains were incredible and scenic – Shauneeze

Red lechwe face camera on the Busanga Plains Zambia
Red lechwe graze on the Busanga Plains

The Nests are amazing; photos do not do it justice! I absolutely loved the Plains and the quantity of animals around. The bird life was spectacular – Lida

The ‘bird houses’ are lovely little units! I loved being raised up overlooking the Plains – Claire

Shawa Luangwa Camp

Shawa was an absolute treat. The location is stunning, and you get to listen to the most amazing sounds of the surrounding animals at night – Carla

The design and openness of the luxurious tents overlooking the river was incredible. This camp offered that raw wild feeling with the sounds of hippos and elephants right next to your tent. It definitely felt like you were in the heart of all the action – Shauneeze

Carmine bee eater birds sit above Luangwa River in South Luangwa National Park
Carmine bee-eaters perch over the Luangwa River

This was my favourite camp. From the introduction, the tents, main area and also the wildlife, everything was out of this world. Killian (General Manager) and Jacob (Senior Guide) think about every detail and just want to make your stay one for the books. The elephants at night around your tents are terrifying but amazing – Lida

I loved the location of the pool, as well as the camp fire each night on the edge of the dry riverbed below – Claire

Tongabezi Lodge

Tongabezi Lodge was the perfect end to our trip; it provides something for everyone. We were treated to a dinner on the river sampan, which is a great experience. And of course, a visit to Livingstone Island was truly unforgettable – Carla

The personalized welcome card on the bed in the rooms hand written by the children from the Tongabezi Trust School (Tujatane) – this definitely pulled on my heart strings! We also had an opportunity to do a tour of the actual school and it was really great to see what was happening behind the scenes of this very special school.

People look forward and stand in front of Victoria Falls Zambia
Carla, Shauneeze, Lida and Claire at Victoria Falls during their Zambia safari tour

There are so many different areas and spots around the lodge where you can enjoy breath-taking views of Zambezi River. The personalized service of the staff was so warm and welcoming. The sampan boat experience, sandbar lunch and food were all amazing – Shauneeze

What a beautiful lodge! I absolutely loved the River Cottages and early mornings seeing the bushbuck around the lodge. The staff was very helpful, and JC is such an amazing Manager, nothing was too much effort for her. Bungee jumping at Vic falls was a highlight, but Livingstone Island was even better; Devil’s Pool was one of the best experiences of the trip! – Lida

With its endless views over the Zambezi, the Hang Out was my favourite place at the lodge – Claire

Take a look at our suggested Green Itineraries or contact our Reservations Team for more information on a specially tailored Zambia safari tour. Our teams are all looking forward to welcoming you to Zambia!

Aerial view of Ila Safari Lodge and Kafue River in Kafue National Park
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