Sausage Tree Camp & Potato Bush Camp Integration FAQs

Natasha Parker | June 15, 2023

Will anything be changing operationally at the camps?

Everything at Sausage Tree Camp and Potato Bush Camp will remain as you recognise it, from the smiles of the team to the guaranteed private guiding, to the flights included in any stay longer than four nights.

The only immediate changes at Sausage Tree Camp will see the expansion of the solar capacity to support the introduction of our preferred low-energy air conditioning – Evening Breeze. This cutting-edge technology will ensure guest comfort during the hotter months, but what is most exciting is that it will have a zero carbon footprint. The Evening Breeze will be powered through a combination of the existing solar power system and, in another first for Zambian tourism, a run-of-river hydroelectric power plant.

Over the coming years, Sausage Tree and Potato Bush will join Tongabezi and Kaya Mawa in benefiting from Green Safaris’ focus on sustainable practices and immersive eco experiences. The expansion of funding for conservation and community development in the Lower Zambezi area is planned for 2023. Furthermore, ground-breaking eco experiences such as the Silent Safari electric boats and vehicles will be incorporated into Green Safaris’ Lower Zambezi experience, offering guests a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the park.

How will reservations be handled?  

The integration of Sausage Tree’s reservation system will be completed in July, streamlining the booking process. This will be complete before the end of July, but travellers can book the Dream Green Circuit – which includes Victoria Falls, the Kafue National Park, the Busanga Plains, the Lower Zambezi, and Lake Malawi – from day one. 

Will we be able to book other Green Safaris properties through Sausage Tree?  

Until training can be done, multiple property bookings will be handled by a single member of the Green Safaris team, but please do continue to reach out to your preferred contact, who will be best able to assist you. All email addresses and contact details will remain the same for at least the next six months.  

Who will make decisions regarding agent rates, specials, FAM stays, and Educational stays at Sausage Tree moving forwards?  

Please reach out to for any queries regarding agent relationships, as she will be best able to assist you.

Are there any discounted packages?  

Ah, now that would be telling. We do, in fact, have some very exciting news on this front, but this will all be shared, along with our new rates documents and fact sheets, in our next newsletter.

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