Sausage Tree Camp & Potato Bush Camp join the Green Safaris collection!

Natasha Parker | June 15, 2023

These two exceptional camps, nestled in the heart of the Lower Zambezi, strengthen the Green Safaris Collection to create an all-encompassing dream itinerary for discerning travellers seeking the most pristine and wild locations in Zambia and Malawi.

Who are Sausage Tree Camp and Potato Bush Camp?

Fireside scenes at Sausage Tree Camp (left) and Potato Bush Camp (right)

Nestled on the banks of the Zambezi River, in the heart of the Lower Zambezi, Sausage Tree Camp has a rich history dating back to 1996. Its most recent complete rebuild was in 2018, but serendipitously, Sausage Tree Camp was initially built as a sister property to Green Safaris’ very own Tongabezi Lodge… so this feels a lot like bringing the family back together.

Today, Sausage Tree Camp is a sprawling luxury property in the Lower Zambezi with a global reputation for expert private guiding, a spectacular variety of wildlife and safari experiences, and skilful private “butlers” or “Muchindas” who look after every element of the guest experience. The smaller sister, Potato Bush Camp, is adjacent to Sausage Tree and offers guests an equally spectacular experience in a more authentic bush camp environment.  

Wildlife experiences in the Lower Zambezi are hard to beat.

Green Safaris, we are proud to say, is rapidly becoming one of the leading providers of luxury safaris in the world. Most importantly, we are achieving this dream by pioneering sustainable practices, technology, and experiences, to prove once and for all that being ecologically motivated is not just the ethical thing to do but is also a powerful means of enhancing your guest experience.

With Green Safaris, Eco is Luxury.

What does this merge mean for Sausage Tree and Potato Bush?

Whilst Green Safaris has built three award-winning eco properties of our own (Chisa Busanga Camp with its distinctive Nest rooms, for example), we have also acquired established legacies like Tongabezi Lodge and Kaya Mawa Island Lodge and proven our commitment to furthering the sustainable ethos of these properties without impacting their unique character and style.

As part of Green Safaris commitment to enhancing our guest experience in only the most sustainable of ways, there will be a few exciting changes at Sausage Tree Camp. Firstly, we are introducing the Evening Breeze, an energy-efficient air conditioning system. This cutting-edge technology will ensure guest comfort during the hotter months, but what is most exciting is that it will have a zero carbon footprint. The Evening Breeze will be powered through the existing solar power system, which will be amped up in order to supply the extra power needed.

In addition, we are integrating Sausage Tree’s reservations system and streamlining our bookings process. This will be complete before the end of July, but travellers can book the Dream Green Circuit – which includes Victoria Falls, the Kafue National Park, the Busanga Plains, the Lower Zambezi, and Lake Malawi – from day one. 

The new Dream Green Circuit

Over the coming years, Sausage Tree and Potato Bush will join Tongabezi and Kaya Mawa in benefiting from Green Safaris’ focus on sustainable practices and immersive eco experiences. The expansion of funding for conservation and community development in the Lower Zambezi area is planned for 2023. Furthermore, ground-breaking eco experiences such as the Silent Safari electric boats and vehicles will be incorporated into Green Safaris’ Lower Zambezi experience, offering guests a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the park.

With the addition of Sausage Tree Camp and Potato Bush Camp, Green Safaris now offers a total of six sustainable safari destinations in Zambia, each with its unique character and charm, as well as a demonstrable impact on conservation, community development and sustainable tourism.  

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