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Busanga Safari


We are passionate about creating safari experiences that are gentle on Busanga’s delicate ecosystem and long-lasting in your mind.

Our solar-powered Land Cruiser and mountain bikes are sustainable ways to explore the plains; so too is the hot air balloon that carries you high above them. Back at camp, the plunge pool is absolute bliss in the midday heat and the campfire is where great conversation and stargazing happens.


As you disappear quietly into the floodplains and dambos on our e-Cruiser, e-Bike or on foot, the game sightings are more intense, the birdlife interactions closer, and the sounds of the bush uncompromised. Our lovely guides are fluent in the language of the bush and they are always ready to teach people how to read it.


The ‘sky safari’ is an adventure from above that offers you a bird’s eye view of this remote African wilderness. This experience encompasses all the best things Africa has to bestow on you - gorgeous sunrise views, warm and personable company, and great food.

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Besides our wide range of safari activities and other adventures, we absolutely love to engage our clients in local experiences that make a positive difference in our communities.

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