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The Best Sustainable Safari Moments of 2021

As we step into the new year, we’re wrapping up the best sustainable safari moments of 2021 with a little help from our friends.

We are proudly ‘green’ in all we do and are widely recognised as Zambia’s most eco-conscious tourism group. It was in the Kafue National Park that we took our first step towards our signature sustainable safaris model, aka Silent Safaris. Well, step was actually more like a roll, as it was in the form of our beloved e-Landy (now e-Cruiser), the first solar-powered electric game drive vehicle in Zambia.

You could say that Ila Safari Lodge was the launchpad for how we built and operated the rest of our lodges and camps across Zambia and Malawi. Because it was also at Ila that we experimented with the environmentally-friendly sandbag technique to build parts of the lodge. It was such a success that we have replicated this method within the newly constructed Shawa Luangwa and Chisa Busanga camps.

These camps, along with Sindabezi Island Camp on the Zambezi River, are completely off the main electricity grid and run 100% from renewable energy. This means our carbon footprint is minimised and by extension when you stay with us, so is yours. Up river from Sindabezi is Tongabezi Lodge, where the lush organic gardens are lovingly looked after so that, combined with other locally sourced products, meals served at both properties are healthy and sustainable!

Best Sustainable Safari Moments

Gerben van der Waals (travel photographer), Chase Björnson (content creator), Dani Rose (Zambian Ground Handlers), and Mwai Yeboah (Love From Mwai / Exalt Africa) & Stepan Vrzala (wedding photographer) recently got to have their Silent Safari experience in Zambia. We’ll let them ‘show’ you around in this beautiful collection of their images:

Protecting our environments

Conserving our wildlife

Empowering our people

Surpassing your imagination

So, now that you have had a chance to live vicariously through our friends, it’s time for you to capture your own moments and create special memories in Africa! Make an enquiry with one of our lovely Reservations Team members using our online enquiry form or contact them via email or phone.  

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