A Look At Ila Safari Lodge’s New Boma

Robyn Simpson | March 6, 2024

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury amid the wild wonders of Kafue National Park, where you’ll discover that our long-adored Ila Safari Lodge has entered a new era.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Ila Safari Lodge has reopened its doors with a fresh identity following a stylish and sustainable rebuild. 

The transformation comes after a fire devastated our cherished boma area, prompting a remarkable reinvention of Ila (one of Zambia’s premier safari lodges). The lodge now features a brilliant new boma area and a villa, Ila Safari House. Both represent our continuous endeavour to merge opulence with environmental stewardship.

Zambia’s Minister of Tourism, Honourable Rodney Malindi Sikumba, joined our Green Team to officially commemorate the completed project. In true Green Safaris style, the opening was celebrated with a meaningful hurrah: the Minister cut the last piece of bamboo needed for the boma with a panga.

(We sourced our bamboo from local communities, adding another element of empowerment to this project. Our conservation team has also started growing African bamboo in controlled environments to use in future builds, creating structures that last and that don’t harm the environment.)

“This is indeed a commendable development and we applaud you for a job well done,” said the Minister in a statement following the opening event. 

“Ila lodge stands out as a testament to the power of sustainable practices, reminding us that responsible tourism can contribute positively to enhancing the co-existence of human life with the natural world. We therefore urge management and staff of the lodge to continue being a shining example of promoting sustainable tourism in the region.”

His Royal Highness Chief Mulendema and Her Royal Highness Chieftaness Kabulwebulwe joined other esteemed guests, including representatives of various conservation foundations in the park, such as African Parks and The Nature Conservancy, to complete the festivities. 

A Forever Build:

Vincent Kouwenhoven, our director and founder, inspired the rebuild, drawing inspiration for the boma from the iconic Nests at Chisa Busanga Camp

The nests are sustainably striking, constructed from a simple metal frame and woven with indigenous sticks. It’s this epic concept, the work of our friend and architect Bert Meerdstadt, that now features at Ila… but bigger. The new boma resembles an infinity sign, an ode to balance in nature and an omen for the future of Ila and the positive impact the team intends to secure for generations to come.

The construction process is, in itself, a sustainable development. Ila’s boma build involved the acquisition of a machine capable of producing blocks from abandoned termite mounds. When you visit us, you can appreciate that you are, quite literally, sheltered by nature’s own design.

Inside, you’ll find a lounge and bar area, as well as a dining area with a live cooking station, where you can watch our chefs in action. Above ground, the boma features a stargazing deck where you might spot magellanic clouds, unique to the southern hemisphere.

More To Marvel At:

In addition to the new Boma, Ila Safari Lodge now boasts Ila Safari House, an exclusive retreat with seven meticulously appointed rooms, including family accommodations and a private pool overlooking the Kafue River. You can indulge in gourmet cuisine prepared in the bespoke kitchen of Ila Safari Lodge, ensuring an unforgettable stay immersed in luxury.

(Our iconic Luxury Safari Tents remain for intimate getaways.)

We invite you to explore the wonders of Kafue National Park through a variety of eco-friendly activities, from e-Cruiser and e-Boat expeditions to walking safaris. Whether embarking on a wildlife adventure or unwinding in the lap of luxury, every moment at Ila promises to inspire and delight.

For enquiries and bookings, contact Green Safaris:

We are an eco-safari company with eight lodges spanning Zambia and Malawi. Each property proudly champions unity with nature and community, revolutionising travel by putting people and the planet first. Visit to book a journey of impact and to contribute to the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation. 

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