Solo Travel For Women: The Green Safaris Way

Robyn Simpson | March 7, 2024

The rise of solo female travel continues into 2024! The trend has been supported largely by social media, where increasing numbers of travel experts and the sharing of safety statistics and resources encourage women to “take that trip” and wait for nobody. 

Still, a large stigma exists around travelling to Africa, especially alone. Zambia is one of the safest and friendliest countries to visit and anyone who has travelled with us will attest to this. It’s a country that’s not only warm in temperature but in spirit. 

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating ladies who dare to be bold while, at the same time, offering a comforting hand to those who are nervous to take a solo leap into the wild.

Women, Wings & Wheels:

While travelling solo is a thrill in itself, it does come with the baggage of being completely accountable: You have to be switched on at all times if you want to avoid missing that plane, booking a taxi on time or navigating transfers without a hitch. Or do you?

Cue our Wings & Wheels offering. We’ve made it our mission to offer you a bundle of experiences all in one trip. With camps and lodges located throughout Zambia and into Malawi — each offering a completely unique experience and landscape — you have the option of squeezing the most out of your African adventure. 

Before you dip out at the thought of all that admin, we’ve taken care of the planning and costs for you. This is because all final transfer flights and drives to, from, and between our lodges (for bookings of 4 nights or more) will be included in your Green Safaris experience. All you have to do is pick your favourite locations and leave the rest to us. 

We’re all about journeys of meaning and impact. Beyond the ease of transfers, our Wings & Wheels offering is your chance to get to know our team, who are custodians of Zambia and its wilderness and culture. 

At every airport, you’ll be greeted and guided by a Green Team member, and you’ll have access to our comfortable lounges. The same goes for vehicle transfers. Green Safaris representatives will appear like fairies in a forest, always ready and waiting to lead the way. You’re never really alone, unless you want to be.

The same philosophy extends into our camps, where lodge managers and guides go beyond a typical “welcome”. For example, if you’re keen on some conversation during mealtimes, our team will join you. If you prefer your own quiet company, private dining is only an ask away. 

We’re all about championing female empowerment. In fact, 70% of our workforce is women. You’ll no doubt have fabulous girls’ nights with the likes of Faith at Chisa Busanga or Chipasha at Shawa Luangwa. Fanny is our female transfer goddess, a beaming light waiting to lead the way from the moment you step off a plane. Rest assured, whoever is waiting to welcome you will make you feel safe and cherished — which you most certainly are! 

Sticking to our smaller properties guarantees privacy and intimacy, perfect for alone time amid the wild. Ready to roam? Here are a few ways to spend your time with us as a solo female traveller:

Time Out At Tongabezi Lodge:

Start your trip on the banks of the Zambezi River, which Tongabezi Lodge embraces in full view. Livingstone Island is a short boat trip away, which means you can dive into a guided swim before returning to the comfort of the lodge; adventure meets luxury in style, here. 

Dining is a delight and how you do it is up to you. Embrace the gentle chatter of other guests with meals on the deck. Our lodge managers make great company if the company is on your menu. If you prefer solitude, few things beat a delicious dinner served in your private suite (or out on your own deck, where you’ll rendezvous with the stars). You can dine on the river. Yes, on it, thanks to our Sampan dining option. There are sundowners to look forward to at our Sand Bar or in our sunken boma, too — great places to mingle with other guests. 

If you wish to wander beyond the lodge, a trip to Waya Waya and/or Sishemo Beads is another way to connect with local women. Here, you’ll see ladies hand-making leather bags and crafting beads from recycled glass. Sweet souvenirs and incredible initiatives to support, if you ask us. You can speak with your lodge manager to arrange these inspiring outings. 

A huge highlight at Tongabezi for solo female travellers is that you will, at all times, have access to a valet. “Outstanding personalised service from the minute we touched down at Livingston airport. Our guide/driver, Douglas, whose knowledge of both nature and the history of the area, was on call and willing to take us wherever we wished, whether it be a river cruise, a trip to the Falls etc. Our personal valet, Veronica, was always ready and smiling whether it was for drinks on the deck or towels and tea at the pool,” said one of our guests, Jocelyn, on Tripadvisor. 

(Tongabezi Lodge is rated the #1 hotel in Livingstone on Tripadvisor.)

Cheers, We’re Off To Chisa Busanga Next!

With only four accommodations, one with a lift, Chisa Busanga Camp is a cosy retreat for women on a solo journey. Your room takes the form of a Nest, constructed high off the ground and weaved with foraged sticks from around Kafue National Park. 

Between land and sky, the height of your abode offers unparalleled views of Zambia’s iconic Busanga Plains. This is your opportunity to experience an authentic safari with a twist. From your previous destination, or as your first stop, you’ll be collected from the landing strip of the airport and transferred all the way through. 

Our communal dining and lounge area is a brilliant place to mingle before retreating to the privacy of your Nest, where you can opt for a private dining experience. If dining solo is daunting, our lodge manager Faith is fantastic company.

You’ll no doubt love our bush dining experiences, too, where your guide will pick a spot on the Plains, the wilderness becoming your dining room. As a solo traveller, this is a special chance to connect with your guide and learn about their lives and experiences. 

If a moment to breathe, think and feel spurred your solo adventure, you’ll find these needs thoroughly met at every turn. Even our safaris are celebrated for being silent, thanks to our e-Cruiser vehicles that barely whisper through the bush. Fill your days with other soulful experiences, including walking safaris or simply sipping a cocktail beside our plunge pool. 

Girl Power at Shawa Luangwa Camp:

End your journey in the thick of the wild at Shawa Luangwa Camp, where wildlife thrives and girl power reigns supreme. Our beloved lodge manager Chipasha has been referred to as your “Holiday Mama”, adding a gentle touch to your adventures.  

Located in South Luangwa National Park, one of Zambia’s most celebrated wildlife havens, our camp offers unparalleled opportunities for thrilling game encounters. The park’s reputation as “The Valley of the Leopard” underscores its remarkable population of these elusive predators, promising unforgettable wildlife sightings.

Your time in one of our e-Cruisers will be well spent, with one of our expert guides — as always — looking out for you. Back at camp, you’ll find reprieve in the comfort of your luxury tent, merged so closely with nature that it’s easy to feel like the only person left on earth. Roll your covers up and enjoy a bath while the sun sinks, turning the skies into shades of burnt orange and cotton candy pinks. 

Bush meals are also on offer here, providing you with another opportunity to connect with your guide. And, if company calls, our camp bonfires will draw you in like a moth to a flame. Here is where you can mingle with fellow travellers, reliving the day’s adventures with a drink in hand. 

During a riverside sundowner, clink your glass to a game-changing solo expedition. Unless you make a final pitstop at our next-closest property in Malawi, where a truly remarkable island experience at Kaya Mawa Island Lodge awaits. 

Our options for exploration are endless. Spend some time on our website to pick your preferred properties, then get in touch so that we can take care of the rest — from flights to drives to special requests. In the words of Shania Twain herself, “Let’s Go, Girls!”. 

There’s More: Enjoy Our Women’s Day Specials 

At Ila Safari Lodge:

  • Treat yourself to a complimentary Pamper Hamper courtesy of Essential Skincare, followed by a treatment on our floating Sampan Spa along the Kafue River.
  • Experience the authentic flavours of a traditional boma night with classic cuisine offerings.

At Sindabezi Island Camp:

  • Enjoy an island picnic lunch accompanied by the enchanting melodies of the Tongabezi Choir.
  • Immerse yourself in an island-themed paint and sip session with Wayi Wayi, surrounded by the beauty of the Zambezi River.
  • Conclude your visit with a luxurious hand and foot pampering session.

Enquire about our Women’s Day specials here. Valid until 27 March 2024.

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