Sustainable Standouts: 2023 In Review

Robyn Simpson | April 15, 2024


The overarching objective of Green Safaris is to advocate for wildlife and environmental conservation and to facilitate sustainable, positive initiatives within local communities.

Our Annual Report for 2023, which highlights key projects implemented and actioned, is ready for review. We have always prioritised transparency and are excited to share some of our wins from the previous year. 

Sustainable Standouts:

From Managing Lodges to Managing Ecosystems.

Starting 2023 Strong: A comprehensive evaluation of Green Safaris’ policies from the preceding five years was initiated. During this period, several noteworthy milestones were achieved, including:

  • The establishment of two organic farms in Zambia, enhancing food security for local villages and supplying farm-to-table produce for our lodges.
  • Over 80,000 trees were planted to combat deforestation and mitigate the carbon footprint of all our lodges.
  • Reforestation efforts have expanded through projects like controlled bamboo plantation. This allows us to increase a local workforce while protecting indigenous plants otherwise used for cooking, building and other non-renewable practices. 
  • We have extended support to an increasing number of schools near our lodges, offering assistance such as sponsored school fees, food programs, educational materials, and sanitation facilities.
  • An impressive 120 students joined the Conservation Education Club at their nearby school, close to the Kafue National Park. In this club, learners are introduced to and taught about the importance of safeguarding the wild. 
  • We have continued to provide support to various initiatives around our lodges to safeguard national parks, including Panthera and the Zambian Carnivore Project. Panthera’s anti-poaching work on the Busanga Plains (or Kafue?), for example, has resulted in just 8 lions five years ago to over 50 counted last year.
  • We have built on our water solution initiatives through the implementation of grey water use at our lodges and have continued with the development of our check dams within local communities. These dams are an example of how we prioritise ‘give and take’ with nature by protecting the natural flow of rivers while ensuring that multiple communities have access to water (rather than pooling water in a single community). 
  • Building innovation continues, speaking to our philosophy of “leaving nothing but footprints behind”. This is most notably evident at Ila Safari Lodge, which was build using sustainably grown bamboo and bricks made from abandoned termite mounds. We have secured the equipment to make these bricks for future green developments. 

Take a look at some quick Green Stats from 2023 below:

A significant portion of revenue for the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation is derived from the Green Safaris Fund. Travelling with us helps make green dreams come true.  

Embark on a Journey of Impact

Our conservation itinerary is the key to unlocking a journey of impact with us.

What is a conservation itinerary? This is our guide to experiencing a journey of impact. We’ve put together a host of ways to get you into the wild and among local communities, where you’ll see and experience how conscious travel operates. 

This is how you become a part of the positive, sustainable change. Some examples include travelling in electric game vehicles, seeing our check dam projects in action, and visiting our various community schools and gardens. The result is a luxury safari experience with soul, rarely experienced at properties that maintain a veil between opulence and authenticity.

Kindly inform our team of the activities you may wish to participate in, so we can incorporate them into your itinerary.

View our conservation itinerary for inspiration here

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